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Web design and development is our bread and butter. From the beautiful front end website builds to bespoke CRM solutions, we can't get enough of typing code. We sometimes think that our developers dream in code (their love is that scary).

Our web designs are pretty unique too. Why? Because our web designs are created based on (buzzword alert) user experience (UX) methodologies and practices. Our designers are ingrained in the latest web design trends and regularly try to integrate these innovations into our projects.

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Website design and development for Kettlebell Kitchen

You see, our website builds go way beyond just aesthetics; they focus on user functionality. We look at your business goals and develop the site to best increase conversions based on these goals.

You're an ecommerce business and need a website? No problem - we'll focus on driving purchase conversions. You're a service based company and need more leads? Great, time to get your website optimised for lead conversions.

A poor converting website is a sad website. We don't create sad websites.

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Website design and development for Kettlebell Kitchen


Now, we've not even mentioned our bespoke CRM development. Many of you may now be thinking, "what's the point in getting a bespoke CRM when there are so many off the shelf solutions?" and in some circumstances, you would be right.

We offer bespoke CRM development because some off the shelf solutions don't provide the same functionality which many small to medium businesses need. Often, CRMs are great at a few things, but they have maybe one or two pieces of functionality which are missing which would make them perfect.

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step 1 the requirements

It's time to get creative! Our team will organise a meeting with you to sit down and discuss the exact requirements of the project. We'll ask a number of questions which will help us understand the functionality you need. We'll then prioritise the functionality based on your business goals and the impact they'll have.

Once we understand your requirements, we'll start building the user cases based on your feedback. At this point, we'll be looking to develop a list of users who are going to be using the website and writing stories based on what they'll be doing when visiting. Building user cases frequently identify other functionality requirements which you may not have first taken into consideration.

step 2 wireframes

We take all the work done in step 1 and throw it out the window! Only joking, what we'll actually do is take all the work from step 1 and start building the wireframes. Wireframes are crucial for helping us (and you) visualise how the project will functionally work. Wireframes are simple, making it quicker (and easier) to get ideas down and agreed before moving on to step 3.

During this step, we hold some internal 'design studios'. These creative workshops are fantastic for generating multiple ideas which will, in turn, help our designers when creating their wireframes.

In some smaller website builds which have tight windows of development, we may skip the wireframing step and go straight to concepts and prototyping, but this is very rare.

step 3 design concepts

Now we're ready to get those wireframes into some concepts and prototypes. We'll be looking for additional client feedback at this point to make sure we're not barking up the wrong tree with our designs.

step 4 design sign off

At this point, we'll be looking to finalise the concepts/prototypes and have them signed off. After this step, any significant changes may result in additional charges.

step 5 development

Our developers will be rapidly writing code and getting the project complete based on the approved designs. It's a good time to mention that our developers will start building the website post the wireframing stage of the build. You see, a vast majority of website functionality can be worked on before final designs have been signed off and finished.

This is a smarter way of working - We love smart.

step 6 testing time

It's testing time. Do you remember all the user case research we conducted in step 2? Now it's time to use this research to fuel our testing machine. As part of our testing procedure, we'll do full device and browser technical tests, as well as functional user tests to ensure the website is meeting user requirements.

step 7 we have lift off

Finally, it's time to launch! When launching any web-based project, we have a predefined pre and post-launch procedure to ensure your website/CRM is working the way it should be.

Should you need any training on how to use your sparkly and new digital machine, we offer basic and advanced packages to get you going.


Web development can be complicated, but we try to stay on as rigid a process as possible. For almost all builds, we follow a 7 step process. Our 7 step process can be easily adapted for either front-end websites or CRM development. Within our process are many 'feedback loops' which are present to encourage you to feedback on our progress and if any changes are needed.

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Personal finance is often seen as a topic which is both frustrating and complicated. Apples For Oranges (AFO) main business goal is to educate users on all aspects of personal finance; starting with the individual savings account (ISA).

The AFO project is currently ongoing with many different aspects of our marketing deck being utilised to achieve their goals. From brand development, full stack web development, social media management, PR, content creation, SEO and PPC, Apples For Oranges has pushed the boundaries of our digital capabilities.

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Here is just a snapshot of the web design and development based services we offer:

  • Website development using a bespoke WordPress CMS theme

  • eCommerce website development using a bespoke WordPress WooCommerce Theme

  • Website development using a completely bespoke CMS framework

  • Ecommerce development using a completely bespoke CMS framework

  • Bespoke CRM development built using the latest frameworks

  • Full UX website designs (only) which can be passed on to your developers to build

  • Monthly website healthcare packages

  • Website hosting on our dedicated web server (please get in contact with us for specs)

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What's the best ISA comparison website? Well, the one we built, of course. Check it out here.


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