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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term thrown around the marketing world with many not truly understanding what it is or how to do it correctly. Most will appreciate its importance, but rarely realise how many elements of digital marketing the work of SEO touches.

Search engines like Google and Bing are on a mission to make the web a more friendly place for users. They've created set guidelines which advise us on how to build and maintain our websites to make them as user-friendly as possible. If your site is trusted and friendly to search engine users, then you shall be rewarded.

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You see, SEO goes beyond just optimising your website for search engines. At its core, it is the rules us digital marketers need to follow when creating and maintaining sites and how we should build relationships with them. This includes anything from how friendly the website is to mobile users and the speed at which your website loads, to the quality of the content you've created and whether it is deemed authoritative in your industry.

As website builders and content creators, we follow these guidelines because we want the organic traffic rewards which come with adhering to these rules.

While the complexity of SEO work has increased along with the increased complexity of websites, there is a straightforward rule which we always follow when we do any SEO work.

maintain quality

As with most things in the business world (and life), work done half a**ed probably wasn't worth doing.

This statement is incredibly accurate for SEO.

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business discovery

The business discovery stage of our SEO work is crucial for us to be able to set KPIs and goals of any work we do for you. As part of the business discovery session, we'll sit down with you to understand these three areas:

  • Your business goals

  • Your customers and target audiences

  • Your expectations of SEO

the audit

Auditing is an integral first step of any SEO process as it identifies the current health of your website.

Technical audit

Our technical audit covers ‘technical’ based website issues which could be negatively affecting your website search engine rankings. We’ll run many different website search engine crawls and audits which will find the significant technical errors of a website. Our developers will be available to help amend the errors should you not have a developer open to assist with any fixes we find.

Backlink audit

This audit looks at the current backlink profile of your website. The audit will also diagnose any potential damaging backlinks which should be removed from the site.

Content audit

The content audit grades your current website content based on a rubric scoring system. In plain English, this is an effective way of understanding if your content is achieving your business goals.

Usability audit

Our usability audit method will use user cases if available to help us understand if the website is fit for purpose to achieve the business goals. In most scenarios, we’ll want to follow your business goals first so we can work backwards through the user journey to see if the website is fit for purpose.

competitor analysis

Understanding your competitor landscape is crucial to any SEO strategy. Why? Because research will help you discover the chinks in the armour which should be capitalised on when doing battle.

With our tools and knowledge, we can pull the keywords which your competitors are ranking for and analyse how they have presented their content. Our tools will also tell us key metrics which enable us to understand how realistic it is for your website to outrank them.

Finally, we can analyse your competitors backlink profile. A backlink profile is the number of external website 'links' which are pointed to another site. From this research, we can build strategies on how to best use these links and potentially approach them with your new and unique content.

keyword research

Keywords are an essential part of any SEO content strategy. While the days of stuffing keywords into the content we write are long gone, keywords still play an important role in structuring the way we create our content.

As part of our keyword research, we'll produce some reports which will identify keyword opportunities within your industry. We'll provide realistic feedback as to whether you can rank for them competitively.

The second part of our keyword research is our Search Results Page (SERP) analysis report. Our report breaks down and highlights the search result landscape for a target keyword. It provides detail of the top search listings and their content quality. The report will help us identify the gaps which can then be filled with your content.

backlinks + link building

Link building is one of the essential elements of SEO. Often referred to as 'off-site SEO', link building is the art of generating 'links' from one website to yours.

In the eyes of search engines, high-quality links from trusted sources improve the trust a search engine has in your site. Links prove to search engines that the content being linked to is to be trusted.

A website with more high quality 'links' is rewarded with top-ranking positions in the search engines.

As part of our link building service, we'll conduct a backlink analysis based on the keyword research to understand potential websites to start link building relationships.

We'll also get to work researching the blogging and influencer landscape within your industry to identify potential targets to build relationships and generate links.

SEO content strategy

Our SEO content strategy process will take all the research we conducted and structure it into an actionable plan for you to implement. The ideas presented in the plan will be aligned with your business goals.

Need help with creating your content? No problem! We can do that too!

reporting and tracking

And now for the cherry on top - the reporting and tracking.

We love analysing data and understanding the impact our work has on your business. In fact, without setting up reports and tracking signals, how will we ever know how your website is performing?

As part of our service, we are happy to set up all the industry standard tracking software for you. What this includes is:

  • Full Google Analytics set up via Google Tag Manager with trackable goals put in place

  • Full Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking (if your site is an Ecommerce store)

  • Google Search Console (if not already installed)

Alongside this tracking, we also offer monthly tracking reports which cover the following areas of analysis:

  • Keyword position tracking (limit on keywords)

  • Organic traffic insights

  • Brand monitoring

  • Weekly technical audit reports

  • Google Data Studio dashboard report for site analytics and organic traffic. A standard template (which details what we believe are essential metrics) can be set if the client doesn’t know what they want.

  • Monthly suggestions based on reports


We have an array of SEO services which can be split depending on your business priorities. Here is our complete SEO framework.

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So, in a nutshell here is a snapshot of the SEO services we can provide to your business:

  • Technical audit

  • Backlink audit

  • Content audit

  • Usability audit

  • Competitor keyword report

  • Competitor backlink report

  • Keyword research

  • SERP analysis report

  • Backlink opportunities report

  • SEO based content recommendations

  • Monthly reporting and tracking

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