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It seems strange to think that even in our modern digital world that print media is still as strong as it ever has been. Sure, its market share has certainly decreased since the digital explosion of the 21st century, but what used to be considered spam and junk, is now considered rare and of importance.

What do we mean? Well, as we continually get barraged with digital messages (be it from email, chatbots, website promotions to download the latest ebook), it almost feels refreshing to receive a nicely designed piece of printed material mailed through the door.

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Sometimes, customers want something to touch and feel as they find out more about your product and service. Whoever said print was dead because they couldn't be more wrong.

Of course, print design goes way beyond a piece of promotional material to secure a sale. Extreme levels of care and attention need to be given to your offline design as it's incredibly difficult to revert a mistake.



We work with a 5 step process for the majority of our print design projects. Some smaller projects may be able to be accelerated to speed up delivery. The process goes a little like this.

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step 1 requirements

We sit down either in person or over a conference call to have a chat with you to gather your exact requirements. To get to grips with the brief, we'll start brainstorming some ideas together.

We'll send you a quote for the work after the meeting.

At this point, you can send over any content and brand guidelines your company may have. Not got any brand guidelines? Give us a wave as we can certainly look at creating some excellent brand documentation for you.

step 2 the drafts

Using the content you send over*, we design three draft concepts for you to pick. Minor amends to the concepts is welcome at this point.

*Psst, if you need help with writing the content for your printed material (or any content for that matter, we have some great partner companies who can help you out).

step 3 the magic happens

We begin designing your printed material. (This is where the magic happens - or the honey is made. Anyway, this is the best step)

step 4 review

We send a draft for you to review – small amends are allowed at this point.

We must also stipulate that any major changes to designs may result in further costs. It's important that any major changes to the designs are made clear at the concept stage of the process.

step 5 finalising

We finalise the brochure into the formats you require ready for your sign off.

As part of our design process, we do an internal typo review to make sure we squash any minor grammatical errors we find in the document. However, we highly recommend you proofreading our final design files before sending the copies to your nominated printer. Alternatively, hiring a proofreading service could be a better option. We have fantastic partners who can help you with this.


So let's get down to business. What sort of services do we offer for printed design? Here is a snapshot to get your teeth stuck in to:

  • Promotional posters

  • Leaflets and flyers

  • Printable brand guidelines

  • Brochures starting from 4 pages and scaling in multiples of 4

  • Post of sales packs (for both direct mail and/or for field sales reps)

  • Contracts and other legal documentation which needs to be customer ready

  • White papers or research reports (scaling in pages of 4)

  • Business cards

  • Product packaging

  • Branded merchandise (clothing, stationary etc)


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