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Is Digital Content Marketing just a buzzword? In short, no. Here's why.

Digital content should be considered the very fibres of the digital world. Without content, websites and digital assets would be meaningless.

But let's slow down and back up a little bit, what exactly is digital content and what is digital content marketing?

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in a nutshell

Digital content at its core is the information you (as a user) consume as you explore the digital universe. Images, text, video, games, software and audio are all forms of digital content, so it's understandable that the importance of creating highly relevant content is paramount.

Content marketing is a phrase which has been coined to describe the process by which marketers use content to help users through their marketing experience. Content marketing is focused on user experience and providing highly useful information which can help solve user related problems.

Many believe that content is just words on a page, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Sure, words are important, especially for search engine optimisation, but any other content type could have just as much impact as a well-written blog or fancy ebook.

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step 1 brand discovery

When you become our client, there are some steps we'll take you through. The first of which is a brand discover session which will uncover all your brand nuances; what's you're identity, and how are you unique.

step 2 understanding

The second step involves understanding your current audience and your desired target audience. We like creating multiple audience profiles (or personas) which use relevant customer data, so we can visualise precisely what characteristics you're trying to market.

When building these personas, we'll ask the following questions:


  • What's their background?

  • How do their demographics look?


  • What are their goals and aspirations?

  • What are their challenges?

  • What can we do to help?


  • What would stop them from becoming a customer?

  • Why should they care about you and your product?

step 3 the funnel

The third step in our process is to start creating the marketing funnel. Any robust marketing strategy, be it digital or offline, is based around a funnel. Funnels are excellent ways of visualising how users go through your buying journey. The funnel visualisation allows us to see precisely where content opportunities are for us to capitalise on when entering the content creation phase.

When building our content funnels, we like to start from the end goal and work backwards. We do this for each business goal and each audience persona. Sound like a lot of hard work? Not for us! We love it.

step 4 epicness

The fourth stage in this epic content marketing piece is the creation phase. Now we've identified some content opportunities we can start to plan content to fit.

step 5 setting KPIs

The fifth and final stage is setting measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics. We take this data and analyse the results as the content begins to roll into the digital world.

Setting KPIs is crucial as it allows us to measure our results. Without KPIs, how can a piece of content be measured as a success? Data gives us insight as to what to change, test and improve in future content releases.


Content marketing need not be complicated. Some of the most effective content marketing strategies are simple. However, what works for some brands just doesn't work for others.

Our core philosophy when building any content marketing strategy is to bring everything back to the user experience and the overarching digital marketing funnel. Having a deep understanding of the user's behaviours and problems is fundamental in creating relevant content.

we like doing the research

With all this in mind, you've probably already realised that a well-executed content strategy requires a deep level of research and planning.

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Enough with the talk. Here is a snapshot of what we can do as part of our digital content marketing service:

  • Digital Content Marketing strategy

  • Content funnel creation

  • Full stack content creation which includes blogs, ebooks, videos, images, animation, software and more

  • Automated email integrations

  • Complete search engine optimisation (please see our SEO service page for more information)

We wrote some awesome content for Tanko, don't frget to check out their case study when it's ready. In the meantime, why don't you pay them a visit to see our work first hand?


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