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Let's place the over the top bee puns and jokes to one side for a second, as there is some real literal meaning beehind our little story. Starting life in early 2017, THC is a collection of like-minded individuals who have worked together for numerous years.

It may sound silly, but we consider our company a lot like a colony of bees. Let us explain.

If you take a look at a beehive, every bee within the colony will work tirelessly to achieve the ultimate goal - survival. Live or die, the bee is there until the bitter end to get the job done. Now, our team won't necessarily give their lives for the company (some would!), but we see a lot of similarities between us and a beehive.

You see, skills can be taught and learnt, but it's tough to teach people to be passionate about continually striving to be the best they can be. We work hard, but we also understand that quality and innovation are vital characteristics which set us apart from other companies.


What did all the team have in common besides dashing good looks and charming personalities? A continued desire to produce high-quality work which would be loved by the clients who requested it. And with this common characteristic at the core of our belief system, The Hive Circle was born.


Jon had been called a web developer for over 10 years and fancied a change. He believed “Solutions Architect” sounded fancier, so the rest of us decided to go with the flow.

Coder by day and Blues Brother singer by night, Jon is a busy worker bee who is efficient at maximising every single hour of the day to get the job done. His passion lies in finding businesses digital problem, unpicking the issues, and then building architecture to solve the puzzle.


Will is the newest member of the bee team. He's been coding for most of his life and is infinitely further along with his development knowledge compared to other developers of his age; this guy eats bugs for breakfast.

Does he dream in code? Maybe. Probably. Definitely.

When Will can find time to pry his hands away from his keyboard, he loves nothing more than digging into a pack of biscuits and heading home to his two Beagle companions.



Phil has been working in various marketing roles for over 8 years. He now heads up The Hive Circle and is a prolific Digital Marketer who specialises in optimising websites and making them sexy for search engines. He’s also pretty deft at delivering results when paying for clicks (aka PPC).

In his spare time, he manages the other busy bees at The Hive Circle and makes sure they are all working as optimally as possible. In his other spare time, he enjoys nothing more than relaxing with a cup of coffee and watching the latest Tasty videos on his Facebook news feed.


Kinga is a photographic sharp-shooter who’s often touted as the female version of Deadshot with a camera. If you see her in the street with her trusty equipment in hand, you know she’s got some incredible photo in her line of site. To top it off, her technical sourcery with the digital camera is equalled with her prowess with creating inspiring digital designs.

Her regimental work ethic is supported by spirituality and a balanced mind and soul. You can regularly find Kinga “relaxing” by doing her Yoga training at lunch!


Dimitris, aka “The Greek God”, is a rare breed of creative who is as talented at creating beautiful digital designs as he is at analysing statistical data. This graphics wizard understands the principles of user experience and relies on analytical data to make sure his prototypes are following the customer’s needs.

To fuel his creative inspiration, Dimitris relies on a healthy diet of croissants and Subway sandwiches; a diet which, I’m sure we can agree, is nothing less than legendary.

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